Boxing in Frigo - or - How We Dressed Up Our Fridge

"Frigo" is an informal form of the word "fridge" in French. I like to be fancy sometimes and pretend that I know French, and trust me the fact that my husband is French makes it a lot more believable. A lot of people actually assume that I speak French, and I... let them.

I want to post a little update on our kitchen today, because I haven't really been doing that and my pictures are collecting and I don't think I will ever be able to go back again and sort them all. So, later it will be nice to look back and remember some of the challenging projects that we completed as a family.

Here is the before picture that is getting almost overused in this blog... Remember, we are only talking about our fridge being built in today... so, keep your eyes off of the rest of the mess.

This is how it was looking as we were getting close to done extending the cabinets. Some people argue that we lost a lot of space this way, but tell you the truth I LOVE THAT, because if you notice in the above picture - this whole space was really misused. We had a lot of junk up there, including some of Ruslan's toys that we didn't want him to play at the moment, Halloween decorations, cider that we made (thanks to our own apple tree). My favorite item on top of those cabinets is right above the stove -  our old kitchen rugs that Mr. M threw up there when he was allegedly washing the floor... So, yeah, hallelujah to getting rid of that space!!!

First thing's first, we decided to keep the existing cabinets above the frigo to (1) make it easier for ourselves, (2) have an extra shelf that we could use later. Then Mr. M got some wood and tools out and started building. I love how good he is at it. He reads all kinds of advice online first, then measures everything, then cuts with precision and most of the time his work is great. I wonder sometimes whether it's just his personality or he is just afraid that I will try to make him redo things if I notice something is off... :)

We were building the ceiling at the same time, but didn't want to finish it until we have the fridge all framed up.

It was looking better and better every time I stepped into the kitchen! I always wanted to have a built-in fridge!! With the scarce budget that we set for our kitchen renovation, new cabinets were out of the picture, but this is even better this way - cause it's made by us!

Mr. M put in a solid bottom, so now we have a really nice and wide shelf for bigger equipment plus the back shelf for things that we don't use too often.

Saggy pants alert! (We try to stay fashionable even during work!)

So, at this point we decided to finish up the ceiling and put some crown molding around the whole room. 

Let me tell you something - crown molding (that we got from our good friends for free, because they didn't need to use it anymore) made ALL the difference for me! I lllllllove crown molding and I will put it in EVERY single room in my house, if you my hubby will cut it for me (well, and nail it for me, too...) But I know he will, cause we both love it too much!

But of course, every project has its ups and downs, and our down was that we didn't really think about what kind of doors we should use on this cabinet... My first idea was to just build a shaker style door with beadboard inside (the same that we used for the ceiling and the extensions) that would open from bottom to top. But just thinking about all the lines that the room would be filled with made me a little dizzy... So, then a lightbulb went off in my head and I had the best idea in the world! 

We decided that we are going to take the doors from the existing cabinets above the fridge (that we were going to throw away), turn them 90 degrees and use them along with the wine shelves on the sides. Yes! So, here are the wine shelves that Mr. M built.

And this is how the doors would go in...

This is where they used to be... Isn't it genius?

But of course, even genius idea needs to be sealed with some caulk! In fact, everything needs to be sealed with it, I don't even know how I survived before I knew about caulk... It's a saver, let me tell you! This kind of holes and cracks virtually disappear! It's amazing...

So, this is how our fridge looks now. I still need to paint those doors, of course, but it's already pretty awesome! My hubby has magical hands that have unlimited abilities!

Just to remind you again where we started - this is the BEFORE picture:

And this is the AFTER IN PROGRESS!

Can you see that crack? I can't, unless I look really hard... 

And since we lost all of the magnetic sides of the fridge, I wanted something that we can stick things to - like cards, save-the-dates and so on. So, I bought this cork paper that I want to put somewhere in the kitchen, but we are still debating where. I was thinking right here on the new wall in the previous picture, but hubby thinks it wouldn't look too well... 

Well, I will just have to figure out and make a new post on this mini-project.

Thank you guys for listening and stay tuned for the upcoming kitchen updates!



Yulia said...

Какие молодцы!!!!! Прямо горжусь работой зятя!!!!! И вами!

Lyudmila Lafaurie said...

Spasibo, sestrenka! Mne ochen priyatno chto tebe vse nravitsia!

Lubel'ka said...

Cool!!!I like a different shalves! Matthiew is master:)But I dont understand what is crown molding in Russian?

Lyudmila Lafaurie said...

Luba, crown molding - eto palka, kotoraya zakryvaet ugol mezhdu stenoi i potolkom... ne znayu kak luchshe ob'yasnit :)

Lubel'ka said...

Потолочный плинтус что ли?

Lyudmila Lafaurie said...

Nu da, poluchaetsia tak! :)

Lubel'ka said...

Теперь знаю,что такое crown molding=) Спасибо!Я выбираю незнакомые слова с твоего блога и учу их))